Upon Entrance

Immediately upon entering the salon, we will offer clients hand sanitizer, check each clients temperature and mist clients with a clothing-safe disinfectant.


During Service

In VIP Room

Clients will be directed to their own private room, which has been fully sanitized before and after each use. Here they will have their services completed, only in the presence of our team. 

During Service


Service Completed

We will bring the bill directly to the private room, so clients may stay seated and socially distanced. Upon leaving, clients will be offered hand sanitizer.



  • Appointments only.
  • Due to Covid-19, no companions will be permitted at this time.
  • No food or drinks will be provided (as masks must remain on). 
  • The salon will be disinfected throughout the day and between clients.


  • Must wear a mask at all times while inside the salon.
  • Temperature checked upon arriving at the salon. 
  • Must wash and sanitize their hands between servicing each client.
  • If anyone is feeling unwell, they will be required to stay home. No exceptions.
In-Salon Certified Safe Certificate

BeautySafe Certified

Our Vancouver hair salon is certified to the highest safety standards to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Masks & Sanitization

All staff members wear masks, on top of sanitizing all areas in between clients.

Private Rooms

We’re the only salon in Downtown Vancouver to have private rooms for every client for safety and privacy.

What our clients Say

Extremely friendly Salon. It was more like an experience rather than a simple haircut The hair wash included a nice scalp massage which was a nice surprise. And the service is extremely professional. I also received some great advice from the stylist about haircare, and I absolutely loved my haircut. Bonus: very covid friendly, separate rooms for each customer.
Yara Younan
It’s my first time getting my hair done here and I loved it! Under Chris’ recommendation I got the hair botox treatment to control frizz and for more shine. It was an amazing experience. Chris and Jennifer were really patient and detailed. The cut he did on me is exactly how I like it! The salon is all private rooms and perfect for COVID. Would recommend as they are priced reasonably!
Jessica Chan
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